Importance of Backlinks in Making Your Business Popular

Backlinks, also known as inbound or one-way links, are the links that direct a user from one web page to another through an anchor text. In simple words, search engine algorithms consider backlinks as votes for a specific page. So pages with a higher amount of votes tend to have a high search engine ranking. Backlinks also tell Google about the credibility and value of your page that Google uses to define its ranking periodically. Therefore, your website’s more credible votes have better chances to rank higher on the search engine.

Although Google algorithm has gone through plenty of changes since its inception, backlinks still hold a strong ranking system position. But the context of credibility does not mean that a backlink from the Harvard Business School web page would always work better than a random website. Google considers them the same way. However, Google has a unique concept called ‘Domain Authority,’ which means the more authority a website carries, the more tendency it has to pass that authority. For example, domains like TechCrunch are highly authoritative. And if a backlink comes from an authority web page, Google emphasizes it more.

Using keywords of appropriate length also plays a crucial role, as in the case of backlinks finding irrelevant contents, the search engine ranking decreases.

Here is a list of areas that play a vital role in defining the credibility of backlinks;

Type of Backlinks Matter

Through the proper placement of links and relevant content, you can achieve improved results. In SEO, the backlinks placed in the middle of the sentences are critical as the content is having them linked. Such backlinks are referenced to as the contextual backlinks and are more conscious and direct towards the topic and relevant keywords, hence guaranteeing a high rank on the website index.

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Quality Backlinks Are Build Up Gradually

Backlinks that are included in the content abruptly fail to have a meaningful impact. Search engines like google always prioritize natural backlinks, i.e., added gradually over time, for they are aware of the complexities that come with finding quality backlinks. The criteria of rating backlinks by the top searched engine sites have become stricter, making it critical for you to invest efforts in attaching only the best backlinks. However, website owners have resorted to using dubious methods such as putting up irrelevant content backlinks. Automated websites check backlinks for owners through deceptive practices; such backlinks are called farm links. Farmlinking is suitable for short-term use as they provide traffic to the website for a while, but as soon as the search engine realizes the contents’ irrelevance, the site loses its ranking. 

Earning and Providing Backlinks

Earning backlinks is an essential factor in off-site SEO. Link-building or link-earning is the terminology used for it. It starts with finding the inherently valuable backlinks. Some backlinks hold more importance than the others, based on their origin and popularity. A backlink coming from a trustworthy site with a good rank is a desired option to earn.

In comparison, backlinks originating from low-author sites potentially spammy decrease the rankings and eliminate the chances to earn. Whether a link is followed or not, it is essential and does not stop the value of no-follow links. Just a mention of your site on other high-quality websites can give your website a boost. 

Competitive Backlinks

Earning from backlinks takes time. It is practically difficult for new websites or the ones expanding their keyword footprint. One way to make things easier is competitive Backlinks Research. It includes examining the collected pages and domains and comparing it to a competitor’s, whose website is already doing good in terms of ranks. It can give you an insight into the link building process and the factors to ensure successful backlinks building. 

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The significance of backlinks to your website’s performance and ranking makes it critical for you to build a strong and impressive backlinks portfolio. Nonetheless, it is a tedious task. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to obtain backlinks, and you can benefit from each one of them to build your website’s backlinks portfolio.

Online and Local Directory Submission

Listing your website in an online or local directory will ensure significant backlinks building. Although the backlinks may be no-follow, directories such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, and Four Square will help the potential customers find your website and determine through reviews that whether or not your website is relevant to their needs. Moreover, sites like My Business by Google allow websites to list businesses on Google Maps, making it easier for customers to reach your website. The key to driving traffic through the ways mentioned above is to ensure the right and consistent use of keywords, name, phone number, and address across the online directory listings.

Blog Comments

Another effective way to garner backlinks is to visit authoritative websites. Though reading blogs on such websites and leaving remarks regarding their content and showing appreciation in comments, you would be leaving a link to your website. Although no-follow links, they can help website owners build relationships with other websites within the same industry. Nevertheless, make sure you’re only commenting on the relevant websites as spamming will create a bad reputation for your website among other sites.

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Guest Blogging

One of the most effective strategies to gather high-quality backlinks is to write blogs as a guest for other websites. This option is time-consuming but yields the best results out of all possibilities of gaining backlinks. To succeed as a guest blogger, you need to conduct a thorough research by visiting relevant quality websites and shortlisting them according to their ranking, response rate, etc. Furthermore, you need to produce content as per the guidelines of the host website. Make sure you insert a link to back your website in the content.


SEO involves moving around a few pieces and performing several tasks to improve your website’s health and reputation in the digital world. Backlinks are a significant aspect of SEO, where they strengthen the website’s standing by building its domain and page authority. Various factors have a direct impact on search result rankings, with backlinks playing a pivotal role. However, the part of backlinks goes farther than that.