A new original business idea comes first in every business. The more unusual it is, the more likely the conceived business will be successful. And anyone who wants to start their own business needs an original idea in order for the enterprise to be prosperous and profitable. Do not give up; no matter how hard you try, a business idea will not come to you right away; there must be an insight.

Innocent is the world’s leading manufacturer of natural juices. Its products are well-known throughout the world. However, few people are aware of how this company got started. It all started in 1999, when three Cambridge graduates, Richard Reed, Adam Balon, and John Wright, decided to start their own business. But it was a business that made history and benefited people. It was the production of natural juices.

All three worked for an advertising firm after graduating from Cambridge. Three buddies intend to stage an action at the London Music Festival before beginning their own business. They bought £500 worth of fresh fruit and turn it into juice. Visitors bought these drinks from friends all across the festival. “Should we quit our jobs to start creating these juices?” they put up a sign on their market stall.

After drinking, customers were required to deposit their empty juice bottles in one of two bins located near the tent. “YES” and “NO” were written on one of the cards. As a result, the “YES”-the inscribed container was totally filled. Then, without hesitation, the young entrepreneurs begin creating natural juices. Investment is essential, as it is in every business.

Friends were able to find a man who was willing to invest £250,000 in their project. Maurice Pinto was an American businessman. The company quickly grew in popularity. Eight offices in Europe with a total of 12000 representations in Ireland, France, Denmark, Germany, Holland, and the United Kingdom. Fruit juices have a 68 percent market share.

Innocent’s juices are made entirely of natural ingredients. These products are sourced from farmers who adhere to environmental and labor regulations. Innocent products are subjected to stringent quality control. All of our products are environmentally friendly. The name Innocent derives from the phrase “Innocent Child.” As a result, the manufacturer demonstrates that its products are environmentally friendly. And it is primarily intended for baby food.

The company’s success can be attributed to the fact that its products are centered on “live” people. Juice packaging, for example, has a humorous connotation because the label is pasted upside down. As a result, the buyer flipped the bottle over to read the inscription and shook the juice, preparing the product for consumption. And the cars that deliver Innocent products are shaped like cows, with even the signal sounding like a cow lowing.

This is how three friends’ simple desire and fanaticism became a successful business – an idea that is now described in many business textbooks. Friends, by the way, still hold similar promotions, the most recent of which took place at the London Festival, and 10% of the company’s profit is donated to charity.

Alexandra Reay

Alexandra Reay is an editor and regular contributor to the BrillAssignment project. She teaches on self-improvement, technology innovations, global education development, etc.