After World War II, the history of the world-famous Nutella chocolate spread began in Italy. For the upcoming city holiday, a confectioner named Pietro Ferrero (the future founder of Ferrero Rocher) has created fresh chocolate delights.

The day turned out to be quite hot (and possibly by chance), and the chocolate melted almost instantaneously. Even in this situation, Pietro did not hesitate because a new business idea came to him at that very moment. What happens if you put a thick layer of melted chocolate on a piece of bread?

The solution to a challenging scenario proved to be extremely easy and successful, and after a while, all of the holiday guests were treated to a new delicacy: sandwiches with fresh chocolate. The confectioner discovered that the revenue was substantially higher than planned and that a large number of sandwiches could be made in a short amount of time!

It’s worth mentioning that, since then, the Chocolate Tycoon has regularly halted manufacturing of the rest of the chocolate line for the summer, in honor of such long-standing events that helped to establish Nuttella’s fame and appeal.

After a series of tests with various types of additions and formulas over the course of a few years, the world-famous chocolate paste in jars was born. By the way, this business idea turned out to have a financial foundation: at the time, taxes on cocoa beans had increased dramatically, making chocolate-nut butter an ideal financial option!

For a time, the business was solely focused on pasta. In just a few months, sales grew dramatically: a jar of chocolate might sell more than a single bar of chocolate. Pasta proved to be far more convenient to transport across vast distances.

The first batch of items was quickly depleted from all store shelves. This, Pietro concluded, would be his gold mine. The corporation attempted to convey the following facts to the end client through advertising:

“Chocolate spread sandwiches make the best family breakfast.” Chocolate pasta has become a lovely breakfast tradition thanks to Ferrero Rocher.

It’s not difficult to conclude that such a plan was successful. A new consumer product “conquered” little Italy in a few months. After a while, Nutella began to be exported, and chocolate cream became known as the international icon of Italy.

Nutella’s composition differs by country, which is surprising. In Russia, for example, only palm oil is used in production, but peanut oil is used in many other European countries. The Nutella business topped Forbes magazine’s list of the most basic concepts that made their creators billionaires in 2008.

Even after all this time, chocolate paste sales are still amazing. Every year, a basic product brings in over $1 billion for the corporation.

Alexandra Reay

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