Observe.ai Receives $8 Million in Funding

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News Highlight: Artificial intelligence startup Observe.ai says to have received $8 million funds from various investors.

Indian- American artificial intelligence startup named Observe.ai received $8 million in funding from a group of investors such as Nexus Venture

Partners in collaboration with MGV, Liquid 2 Ventures, and Hack VC. Existing investors Emergent Ventures and Y Combinator.

The startup providing information technology-related service made the announcement a while ago via mainstream media outlets.

The AI startup founded by an Indian born trio named Akash Singh, Sharath Keshava, and Swapnil Jain back in the month of May last year {2017} claims to provide the best assistance possible and empowerment to the call center workers.

Akash Singh, one of the startup’s founders, said in a brief statement issued to the media outlets, that call center agents no longer need to put their customers on hold.

We have designed and developed a product called Agent Assist to help call center representatives resolve customer complaints without seniors’ intervention. They are given the potential to resolve problems without help from seniors.

The voice artificial intelligence platform claims to generate the best possible suggestions for agents who take customer calls after they listen and understand customers’ context on a real-time base, reads its page published on Linkedin, a popular global professional networking site.

Taking calls and resolving customer complaints is a difficult task to handle. An initiative like Observe.ai is a transformational move towards helping contact agents provide delightful solutions to customers while on call and lead to significant improvements in customer call experiences and, eventually, a boost in business organizations’ growth.

The fast-growing social presence of Observe.ai could be a sign of its market dominance shortly.

Meanwhile, in another startup funding-related news update, it is learned that India Accelerator, a startup incubation platform, has raised an undisclosed investment from Investmind Solutions and HotStart Ventures investing firms.