Top 16 Incredible Outdoor Business ideas for 2019

If you love spending most of your time in an outdoor environment, you should consider starting an outdoor related business.

Working inside the four walls of an office isn’t always thrilling and exciting for everyone, right. I personally and many people out there are sick of working indoors. In fact, we are overwhelmed with happiness when outside activities are assigned to us.

Maybe like us you also do not prefer to sit and work inside an office from nine to six o’clock rather want to open an outdoor business. If so, then here are top 16 great outdoor small business ideas and opportunities i have brought forth for outdoor lovers like you:

1. Adventure tourism

Adventure tourism business constitutes all those works that are simply rendered for fulfilling adventurous need. If your local place has been gifted with adventure ecosystem by nature and it constantly attracts thousands of domestic and international visitors, then you have ample of possibilities to make money such as following:

  • Mountain bike rentals
  • Fishing equipment rentals
  • Golf gear rentals
  • Rock climbing gear rentals
  • Trekking guides

2. Adventure club

Alternatively you can also build an adventure club in your area. How you would be able to generate income in an adventure club business is by organising adventure trips, activities for large number of adventure enthusiastic people paying visit to your locality.

3. CCTV Camera installation

The rate of violent crimes including murder, stabbings, theft etc is on the rise everywhere in the world. While it is not good for societies we live in, individuals with skills to mount CCTV cameras have great opportunity to mint out the money from both residential and commercial markets while launching a CCTV installation services business because no one wants to risk his property, life, inventory and other commercial assets.

4. City courier service

City life is more busier than a village life, meaning hardly anyone who lives in a city has time for delivering parcels on their own. Hence, providing courier service within your city is another great idea to embrace for outdoor minded persons.

5. Cleaning services

Cleaning industry is growing more than ever because people whether household owners or those who run commercial establishments find cleaning as a time consuming activity.

You luckily have tons of niches to ponder upon from window cleaning to house cleaning to commercial cleaning. Not only there is an ever growing demand for cleaning services but it is also a simple business that you can start with a small investment.

6. Driving school

Neither do people have energy to walk on foot nor do they want to get late when reaching office or attending a spacial event and we know for these reasons public transport has declined in use overtime and has resulted in the growing demand for cars.

There are many out there especially those who don’t have access to someone who can teach them driving want to get enrolled in driving schools. With this in mind, you can open a driving school to facilitate driving training to your local people provided you have the skills of safe driving.

7. Event management

Event management is one of the best outdoor business opportunities that will allow you have fun and make money at the same time. You while operating an event management business would generate business from  corporations, educational institutes, married couples, religious organisations etc. However, you need to be good in planning and must have organising skills.

8. House painting

Someone with a healthy experience in painting works might want to open a house painting business in which money is made while providing painting services to people who have recently built new houses or those who need to renovate or refurbish their old homes.

9. Mobile car wash

Mobile car wash service enjoys lucky days at present because most car owners compared to the option of driving their cars to service stations prefer on the go car wash services mainly due to the busy schedules. You all need the washing equipment, a vehicle and a mobile application to operate a successful mobile car wash business.

10. Mobile facial spa

Women always want to get facial in order to look younger and beautiful in front of other people. While sitting at home females would have no problem at all in visiting facial spas, there are others especially working women who want such service to be rendered at their homes or offices. A person well trained in beauty and cosmetology may hence open a mobile facial spa business.

11. Canoe & kayak rentals 

Well, establishing as canoe and kayak rental business is undoubtedly a wonderful outdoor related opportunity for those individuals who are located proximate to water bodies which are popular for recreational day trips.

12. Ecotourism Business

More than ever, many tourists today love to embrace adventure travels to explore pristine areas. In other words, places that are yet to be explored. Therefore, if you live up at a place that offers great prospect for such travels, then you could consider starting an ecotourism business to educate visitors about the place, community and environment and hence get paid.

13. Fishing equipment rental 

Someone living a place that offers rich experience for picking up fishes from streams, ponds and other water bodies can start a fishing equipment rental business there.

14. Rock climbing gear 

If your local place attracts tourists to enjoy mountaineering activity, then you could certainly run a successful rock climbing gear rental business.

15. Travel photographer 

If you love to travel and you also have some photography experience, then you should seriously consider becoming a travel photographer.

16. Taxi Service

If you own a car, you might get interested in offering a taxi or cab services to visitors at your local place.

Satyabrata Dash

About Author:

Satyabrata Dash, a Bhubaneswar, Odisha based professional who apart from working with Hinduja Globals, loves to write on startups, work issues and not to mention entrepreneurship.