Top 20 Innovative Real Estate Business ideas for 2019

If you’re excited to join the ever expanding real estate industry, right here are the top 20 innovative yet profitable real estate business ideas and opportunities for you. 

Real estate market is expanding more than ever. The demand for land for new constructions, houses for lease and rent and office spaces for making a living and warehouses for keeping inventory is growing faster than ever as a result population increase.

Folks with the ability to make and nurture client relationships, excellent presentable and hard working attitude, healthy marketing skills and sound financial backup should ponder upon starting a real estate related business.

Here are 20 top, in fact, best innovative business opportunities to starting a real estate related business:

1. Apartment locator

Tenants who confront difficulties while searching apartments constitute potential customers of an apartment locator. While being an apartment locator means helping these tenants find right apartments for free but you will derive fee from apartment owners for the referrals.

2. Architecture

Architectures design and erect buildings. If you are an individual with a degree in bachelor of architecture (BOA), you are arguably the perfect fit for an architectural profession.

3. Apartment rental

Apartment rental that allows tenants to put up for a certain time period is another profitable opportunity in the real estate sector. While constructing a new apartment involves substantial investment, however, if you’re lucky to own an already established apartment, you can have a steady income source while serving tenants.

4. HAVC Contractor

HAVC contracting that involves delivering installation and repair of heating and cooling system to residential and commercial clients is another business which is profitable yet least expensive to start in real estate industry.

5. Commercial space rental

You may also be interested in starting a commercial rental space business that serves startups and already established businesses seeking workspace.

6. Construction cleaner 

Where there is a construction work going on, there is a need for someone to clean debris. That someone could possibly be you.

7. House painting

Once the construction of a new house is finished, there is a need for somebody to paint it because we know owners of these houses wouldn’t like to leave them unpainted before they are ready to live in them.

8. Interior designer

While one who wants to start an interior business isn’t needed to attract investors however passion for creating aesthetically attractive designs is a must to have talent.

9. Landscaper 

Landscaping allows you to make your living while taking care of residential and commercial yards and gardens.

10. Plumbing

Given the need to install and repair problematic pipe systems, the demand for professional plumbers would never diminish in both residential and commercial properties.

11. Real estate developer

Becoming a real estate developer isn’t indeed the line of career for people without huge capital investment. If it is untrue for you, acquire raw lands, construct buildings on them and therefore earn money while selling and leasing these furnished properties to others.

12. Solar water heater

Manufacturing and selling solar water heater just the way Haadi Enterprise of Bangalore, India does is another highly profitable yet competitive niche in the real estate industry these days. However, you will have to carve out a unique strategy to reach the level dominated by your competitors.

13. Property Brokerage 

Property brokers earn commission while bringing property sellers and buyers to happy final settlements. Though if you desire becoming a property broker you need to have skills where both parties satisfactorily end up making deals howsoever there is no burden of heavy investment involved.

14. Property management 

While opening a property management is possible with almost little to no investment but certainly not without strong liaison skills because you will be involved in creating and cementing relationships with parties like landlords, tenants, contractors etc.

15. Real estate agent 

Real estate agent does nothing but to coordinate and fix appointments regarding land, offices, houses between his or her potential clients and sellers. While it isn’t without stiff challenges but one single deal if successfully fixed can free you for months.

16. Real estate blog

While blogging certainly cannot throw money into your pocket instantly but if you smartly put real estate knowledge at work for a minimum of 6 months, nothing can stop you from earning the full-time income while enjoying your home activities.

17. Electrical Fitter

Electrical fitter installs equipment and wiring systems. An electrical fitting business is, in fact, manageable from home but it is necessary for interested individuals to have electrical fitting skills.

18. Pool cleaning

Somebody looking for the easiest yet potentially lucrative opportunity in the real estate might consider starting a business that removes debris and leaves from swimming pools while utilising some basic cleaning equipment and chemicals.

19. Make real estate apps

Given the increasing reliability of businesses including real estate on technology, someone with a background in software development can consider making software applications for real estate companies.

20. Wallpaper Business

While starting a wallpaper business might not be as profitably enjoyable as other businesses but undisputedly the simplest choice in the real estate industry which is even a home operable.

Satyabrata Dash

About Author:

Satyabrata Dash, a Bhubaneswar, Odisha based professional who apart from working with Hinduja Globals, loves to write on startups, work issues and not to mention entrepreneurship.