Retailers greatly influence our daily life. Retailers allow us to collect food to eat, clothes to wear, soaps to bath, a toothbrush to clean our teeth and many more important things that we need to use on a daily basis.

Retail is arguably one of the exciting industries you can work with. Retail is the most diverse and fastest growing sector that offers plenty of entrepreneurial and job opportunities to aspirants of all ages.

Retail business works well regardless of the location you want it to setup whether in a metropolitan city or a village or a small town simply because, in one or the other way, people can’t survive without retailers.

Here I have compiled a list of top 10 best yet hot small retail shop business ideas and opportunities you might consider in your community:

1. Cosmetics retailer

Women naturally desire to look beautiful and attractive to others. This desire gravitates them towards using cosmetics that includes lipstick, mascara, eye shadow etc while doing makeup. Even men of today also don’t want to look dull faced.

The ” desire for looking beautiful among women and handsome among men ” is exactly the force that creates and drives the demand for cosmetics and personal care products consumption.

What is that which makes cosmetics selling the hottest niche in the retail industry is the need to apply makeup every day among women? Cosmetics retail store proves profitable not only in cities and towns but also in rural regions.

2. Bakery retailer

Becoming a bakery retailer is another hot opportunity in the retail chain. Due to the rapidly changing eating habits coupled with the hectic lifestyles, the demand for fresh bakery such as bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, pies etc. is growing in every corner of the world.

People even don’t like to celebrate birthdays parties, weddings, marriages, anniversaries and other life events without the bakery.

3. Wedding clothes retailer

Wedding dresses are designed in such a way so that a couple looks unique and splendid during their wedding ceremonies. People may stop following every custom of their respective cultures but they cannot resist wearing wedding clothes on their wedding days. Hence the need for wedding clothes will always be there in our communities.

With that in mind, you may also consider starting a retail store that specifically targets wedding clothes to couples who are about to get married and thousands of those who are yet to celebrate such beautiful moment in their lives.

4. Fresh juice maker

More people on account of increasing awareness about the health benefits and increasing temperatures prefer drinking fresh juices over packed ones. Thus making a fresh juice business an attractive investment opportunity nowadays.

The good thing is that there is the involvement of a small budget, low overheads and basic infrastructure in a fresh juice making business.

5. Coffee retailer

Everyone knows the space of coffee in our daily diet. Many people don’t like leaving towards office until they drink a cup of coffee in the early morning. Even there are people who are addicted to it, drinking coffee many times a day.

Thought the retail trade of coffee faces stiffer competition but if you have the ambition and can provide comfortable sitting arrangements, it is very much possible that you can run a successful coffee shop in your local place.

6. Vegetable retailer

Vegetables are not only cheaper than meat but also are essential to neutralize stomach acids. That is why vegetables are eaten every day.

While selling vegetables in a standstill shop isn’t less lucrative, choosing mobile model will make you earn more money because it enables you reach as many customers as you want in a vehicle. Make sure you network with local vegetable growers.

7. Fashion retailer

Becoming a fashion retailer is undoubtedly another hottest retail business opportunity because there is always a guaranteed demand for fashion and clothing in every community.

8. Sports goods retailer

Opening a sports goods shop is indeed a great retail business idea provided there are enough number of youth and children actively involved in various sports activities such as cricket, volleyball, football, baseball etc in your locality.

9. Baby goods retailer

Around 250 babies are born per minute worldwide and obviously your place shares a slice in that number. The more babies open eyes in this world, more the need for baby clothing, diapers, strollers, feeding products etc. and hence you might also want to open a baby goods retail business.

10. Auto Parts retailer

Put up a store, stock its shelves with genuine automobile spare parts and sell to those vehicle owners whose vehicles are out of roads due to accidents or wear and tear like issues.

11. Ayurveda retailer

You can also become an Ayurveda retailer to sell and provide a wide range of healthcare to lifestyle products and services in India since Ayurveda practices and medicine over recent years is steadily gaining back its ground that it had lost years back to modern medicine.

Ashly William

This piece of expertise is brought to you by Ashly William who is a freelance writer and a trainer on business services and marketing. Her work has been acknowledged by many national and international publications.