Top 10 Innovative Service Business ideas in India

Services make goods worth use. Banking, haircutting, transport, etc., are all examples of services that help us live a hassle-free and at the same time a good life. If you are having trouble deciding what kind of business to start in the service industry, here we give you more than 10 innovative ideas and opportunities from which you can choose.

1. Accounting

As a home-based accountant, you can provide your services to other firms. You should charge more per hour than you would if you worked for someone else because your clients save money by not having to pay all of the costs associated with having you on staff.

2. Scheduler for small businesses

Statistics demonstrate that when a real human answers the phone instead of an answering machine, companies get greater business. As a result, you would be a significant asset to many businesses that cannot afford to have someone on staff to answer phones. You may even plan appointments for a self-employed individual while he or she is working with a client.

3. Wedding planner

This person is in charge of organizing and securing the necessary and desired services involved in a wedding. You could charge by the hour or a percentage of the total wedding costs.

You would have to be willing to work most Saturdays, in addition to the weekday work necessary for planning a wedding. This business requires excellent people skills and an ability to remain calm under stressful situations when things don’t go as perfectly as planned.

4. Adult daycare

You may want to specialize in caring for the elderly while their regular caretakers are at work or caring for mentally challenged adults and require care and supervision.

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5. Plant service

You would be providing plant care for business offices, restaurants, etc. Some companies rotate the plants each week so that the ones in the office are always in the best condition.

6. Personal trainer

This one would be a good business for someone that is in great physical shape and is good at motivating and teaching others how to safely and effectively improve their physical fitness.

7. Putting together photo albums

Many people have several years’ worth of photographs sitting in boxes when they wish they were all organized in photo albums so they could view and appreciate them. Many people don’t have time to do this themselves and are willing to pay a professional to do it for them. You can charge by the hour or by the page.

8. Pool maintenance

Pool maintenance service can usually be performed every week. You can market your business to hotels, apartment managers, and homeowners with swimming pools.

9. Errand service

Many busy people don’t have time to do simple errands, and it can be less expensive for them to pay you to do it than it is to take time off work to do it themselves.

10. Non-medical elderly care

In this business, you may want to offer light housekeeping, errand services, transportation to appointments, meals, companionship, etc. Older adults who live alone and can’t do everything for themselves anymore but do not require constant supervision or medical care.

This service could be precious to their loved ones who live far away and can’t check up on their parent or grandparent to see how he/she is doing as often as they would like. And it may allow the client to live in their own home and remain independent more extended than they otherwise would be able.

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11. Children’s taxi service

Do you love to drive, and you love children? You may want to consider starting a children’s taxi service in your area for the parents who cannot transport their children to all of their after-school activities. You will need a very safe driving record and enough insurance to cover any unforeseen problems.