Top 20 Great Service Business ideas for 2018

An offering one provides to another in order to satisfy his or her need is called as service. Unlike a product, a service is essentially intangible and does not transfer the ownership to the final user. When products are bought, the end user who buy it also registers its ownership and that does not take place while a service is bought by the customer.

Well, owning a service business has many benefits over a product-based business. Number first, unlike a business that targets a product, you don’t have to keep and offer free and expensive samples to your customers.

Number second you can easily customize your service any time you want but customization of the product isn’t possible instantly. It takes enough time to customize a product. Third, it is much easier to differentiate a service that you can not expect in a product. Moreover, a product based business takes much time and involves high costs compared to a service based business.

Attention: Before you put life into your chosen business idea, kindly research your target market to know whether there are enough possibilities that will support your business in the future. Now let’s highlight 20 best and great small service business you may think to start or shape up in your target location:

1. House Painting

The practice that applies paints on the walls(whether exterior or interior) of a house is referred as house painting. To look aesthetically appealing and to keep dirt away from invading homes are few reasons that drive people to paint their houses. Since to provide better look isn’t everyone’s capacity, most people opt for professional painters. Therefore if you’ve the good skills of painting, consider starting your own house painting business.

2. Interior Decoration

Paints aren’t sufficient for modern day people to give their homes better looks. They also want their internal rooms look appealing and welcoming. That is what exactly an interior designer delivers to them. So if are skilled at enhancing the interior appearances of rooms, then you should definitely go for an interior decoration business.

3. Deliver Plumbing Service

It is the plumber’s job that ensures people to drink pure and clean water at their homes. As long as population and income continue to increase, so will be the need for new homes which in turn means the need for plumbing services. Hence a great opportunity if you know how to connect pipes, tanks, fittings etc that facilitates water to the people.

4. Deliver Mobile Massages

Unlike machines you can not expect humans to work continuously. They need breaks to get rid of stress and tiredness. That is why most people turn towards massage centers. But today’s fast and busy life hardly gives them the time in order to visit these centers. Therefore the importance for mobile massages continues to grow every day. So if your hands have the capacity to help busy professionals to relive their stress and feel fresh, then consider starting a mobile massage business.

5. Mobile Mechanic

With good know-how of automobile repairing techniques, one can initiate a mobile mechanic business that would offer reliable auto repair service to vehicle owners at office or at home.

6. Mobile Carwash

Someone looking towards wonderful automobile service business opportunity should consider starting a mobile car wash business that tailors reliable car wash service to those at office or at home.

7. Tutoring Service

Somebody with proficiency in any subject should consider offering or providing a tutoring service to those who also want to become proficient in that subject.

8. Wallpaper Fixing

Fixing wallpapers in the homes of those local households who do not like to incur costs on buying expensive paints is another incredible service business opportunity that can be started with just $200.

9. Bookkeeping Service

One with good knowledge on how to record costs, sales and revenues, can think off offering a bookkeeping service to those small businesses owners who cant bear huge expenses on hiring a permanent accountant.

10. Startup Consultation

Someone with pretty know-how about how to start, run and grow a startup business and looking towards helping startups should consider starting a startup consultation business.

11. Computer Repairing

Just let your computer repairing skills do wonders in terms of profits by offering the service of repairing faulty computers at your local place.

12. Cell phone Repairing

Not necessary you own the skills of cell phone repairing, you can learn it in a very less time and then get ready, deliver cell phone repair service to the huge cellphone market.

13. Windshield Repairing

Tailoring a windshield repair service to the large vehicle market is another highly rewarding service business opportunity for an auto mechanic these days.

14. Landscaping Service

Someone having art, planning, designing, management, preservation and land rehabilitation skills should without any doubt consider starting a landscaping service business in his or her locality.

15. Recruitment Service

One with skills of how to hunt out human resource talent, can consider offering a recruitment service business to the large number of corporations who at regular intervals need skillful as well as unskillful candidates to carry out their different business functions.

16. Auditing Service

Any person who has built the value of delivering excellent auditing skills should consider starting his or her auditing firm that would help corporations to maintain their books and accounts.

17. Courier Service

Taking parcels of people from one place to another is another excellent business opportunity in today’s service industry and with growing e-commerce, you can make lot of money by offering courier services to these business online establishments too.

18. Advertising Service

One who has some training in advertising should consider starting his or her advertising agency that would help local corporations to communicate their message to their target potential customers.

19. Online Marketing Service

If you good at marketing goods and services to customers, then one of the best option in today’s service industry you can consider is to start an online marketing services.

20. Haulage Service

The activities involving the transportation of goods from one location to another location is called as haulage service. Some with a truck should consider offering a haulage service to local corporations and thus make huge money out of it.

Satyabrata Dash

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