Seven Mistakes To Avoid While Selecting Trademarks (1) (1)

A trademark is a mark or symbol that describes you about your brand, product, and services. It not only does make your business stand apart but also helps you in expanding the company in the market.

Sure, many might have told you about how to select the trademark for your company or business. However, there are mistakes you MUST avoid in choosing the logos. Therefore, we decided to share with you about the errors.

In the below-mentioned topic, we have jotted down about the mistakes you can avoid. Check them out right away!

1. Avoid generic words

The common mistake that everyone makes is by selecting a generic word for his or her trademark. Also, do not pick up the trademarks that are confusing with some other or are relative enough.  A generic keyword is the one that is considered a weak spot since it does not hold much value in the court.

2. Putting the Trade Secret Name

Every organization has its own trade secret that they have been protecting it and because of which the profit and economic margin increases of the company. By putting the name or hint in your trademark, you are giving customers an idea about the trade secret. It is a common mistake that everyone makes while selecting the trademark. This one mistake could lead to a loss of the business.

3. Do NOT Use Geographical Locations

Often people end up having a trademark that relates to particular space, state or any part of the country. That is utterly wrong. Everyone wishes to expand his or her business in other areas. Therefore, by putting the geographical location, it becomes restrictive.

Again, there is another side of putting the location as a trademark. As much as it might create hindrance in growth, it can also help to make your business stand apart if it has the same name.

Have the “KISS” principle. It stands for “Keep It Simple Silly.” By doing so, it becomes easy to pronounce and comfortable for the customers to remember it. For instance, Apple, Amazon, Walmart, PayPal and so much more.

4. Do NOT Ignore Office Actions

Once you have decided to select the trademark and register it, you might receive an office action letter from the USPTO.  Remember, not to ignore it at any cost. An office action signifies that there is some trouble going around related to your trademark application.

Consult your trademark lawyer or attorney immediately and take necessary steps.

Pro-tip – if you ignore it for a prolonged period then the application is abandoned.

5.  Wrong Spelling and Pronunciation

Check the spelling of your trademark. PLEASE. An incorrect spelling could lead to the hassle. Also, if the spelling is correct then be confident of having an easy pronunciation. You can potentially lose faith in the customers and your partners too.

Another essential thing to consider is that your trademark must be grammatically correct.

6.  Using the Name That is Already in Market

Are you going after the name for a trademark that is already in usage? Then Stop Right There! Always clarify with the United States Patent & Trademarks Office also known as USPTO website. Also, if the trademark is registered does not mean it is included in the USPTO and available.

7. Don’t Miss To Trademark the Tagline

For any corporation or business, the taglines are the lifelines. They leave an impact on the clients and customers. Therefore, why not trademark it?

Remember your organization or company becomes famous due to its trademark, product, and services. As much as the mark should be catchy, one should also avoid making the above-written seven mistakes. Avoid them and find the trademark that signifies your company.

Susan Ranford

My name is Susan Ranford. I am an expert on job market trends, hiring, and business management. I often write about issues related to employment and business.