Top 10 Profitable Small Business ideas in Canada

Canada offers entrepreneurs a range of investment opportunities. So, if you are interested in starting your business in Canada, here are the 10 best small business ideas posied to grow profitable

Tourism business

Canada’s waterfalls, adventurous places, mountains, etc. attract thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. These tourists require a range of services to enjoy their trip times. So, you may like to open a business that aims to serve tourists. Some of the best tourism-related investment opportunities you can consider in Canada is a restaurant, hotel, car rentals, etc.  

Sell soccer supplies

Soccer is a popular sport played in Canada. Soccer equipment and supplies are always highly sought-after in Canada as people are crazy about playing soccer sport. So, you may want to open a store where you will be selling soccer related equipment and goods in Canada.

Sell sports toys

Playing with toys is always exciting for kids and toddlers. Toddlers love toys as much we adults love to eat food. There is a vast market for sports toys all over the world including Canada. So, if you have a good budget, one of the best sports related businesses you can invest your money in Canada is sports toys store.

Soccer academy

Canadians love soccer as much as we love cricket. So, if you have years of experience in playing soccer sport and are looking toward enhancing skills of those youngsters who want to become professional soccer players, opening a soccer academy is worth it.

Snooker club

Snooker clubs make a lot of money from participants. As playing pool games are becoming increasingly popular, you may want to open a snooker club in Canada. You will be investing money in buying billiard tables, sticks, and balls to allow people to play snooker sport.

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Event catering

Event caterers aim to serve participants of various events such as birthday parties, carnivals, weddings, festivals, etc. So, if you are able to prepare tasty food, you may want to open an event catering business in Canada.

Restaurant for tourists

You can also open a restaurant to serve tourists delicious food. You should locate your restaurant near tourists’ destination so that you come to the notice of visiting tourists.

House cleaning

House cleaning business aims to clean floors, woodwork, and furniture of households. To start your business, you will need to buy trolleys; vacuum cleaner, sweeping machine, vehicle etc. and your potential customers are local households.

Recruitment agency

The recruitment agency is a business poised for success as thousands of people worldwide look for jobs in Canada. So, if you have HR experience, you may want to open a recruitment agency to connect job seekers with job providers in Canada.

 Pet care business

A pet care business is also a great opportunity as there are many people in Canada who are not able to feed and give proper care to their pet animals. So, if you love animals, you can take care of pets and make money in Canada.