The 8 Profitable Small Business ideas in Tanzania (2021)

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If you are looking forward to launching your own business in Tanzania, here are 8 most successful small business ideas to choose from.

Tanzania, an African nation, has seen a big economic improvement since 1986 when the then government gave a green signal to privatization. The country has also managed to contain extreme poverty and unemployment to some extent since that time. However, there is more to do for the welfare of its citizens and entrepreneurs are people who can assure that by launching businesses. Here are some ideas for building your next businesses in Tanzania.

1. Agriculture

Even today, Tanzania’s economy is heavily dependent on agriculture, with a 24.5 % contribution towards GDP, 85% export. Therefore, people with the aspiration of steering their careers in the agriculture sector might pursue various agriculture-related opportunities like maize, sorghum, millet, rice, wheat, cassava, sisal cultivation in Tanzania.

2. Interior design

If you find yourself scrolling through design ideas on Pinterest at all times of day and night and consider yourself a savvy designer, you might want to consider monetizing the skill!

If you have a sound knowledge and experience in this field, then consider starting an interior design business in your local area in order to bring color, style, and decorum to the houses of those nearby.

3. Wedding planning

If you dream about your ideal wedding in your spare moments, then it might be worth monetizing your talent for planning. The wedding industry in Tanzania is a lucrative one if you play your cards right!

4. Open a Spa business

Humans aren’t like machines that can work tirelessly! They often need breaks, relaxation and rest in order to perform their work effectively and actually enjoy life. That’s what a spa delivers to them. Day by day with the importance of spa is growing everywhere as it helps people to relieve stress and toughness out of their tired bodies. 

5. Deliver Daycare Service

If you enjoy spending time with young children and think you have a gift for quality childcare, you can get paid for the madness! Daily rates can be very competitive, so this is well worth considering!

6. Open a Grocery Store

If your locality is short of a grocery store, then this could be a great side hustle for you. Especially recommended for keen cooks who can advise their customers accordingly! Everyone has to eat, so tap into this most basic demand with this small business idea!

7. Home Tutoring 

Many parents are on the lookout for a personal tutor for their children, in order to provide a safe and effective learning environment. Research shows that on balance, kids with home tutors perform better academically than those without.

Besides the quality education it allows, home tutoring provides parents with childcare which they may have to pay for anyway! But before you sign up to start tutoring, it’s worth checking your own credentials. You’ll need to be educated, assertive and good with young people in order to earn in education.

8. Stationery Products

Pens, pencils, paper, calculators, etc are very important things that need to be available to kids in order for them to be effective in their studies. Even today, despite the adoption of advanced learning tools, stationery products still have great value in a kid’s school life. Hence you might also think about starting a stationery retail business in Tanzania today.

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