Start Paper Shredding Business

Paper shredding is accomplished by cutting paper into stripes. The primary function of paper shredding is to destroy confidential client data. A shredder machine is used in the paper shredding process.

Market Overview

The growing concern about data security is driving up demand for paper shredding services all over the world. People look for shredders to prevent sensitive information from being leaked or misused. The general public, business owners, and government agencies are your primary clients for paper shredding services.

Best Business model

A business model describes your approach to running a company. To create a paper shredding business model, all you need to do is define your customers, your offer [paper shredding], ways to serve your customers, and how to make money.

You can provide paper shredding services in two ways: on-site shredding and off-site shredding. Onsite service, also known as mobile service, entails serving clients in the comfort of their own location. Offsite services, on the other hand, entail transferring and shredding client documents at the plant.

It should be noted that most people prefer mobile shredding services because they can see their important documents being shredded right in front of their eyes.

Land / Building requirements

You will need a 100-200 square foot area to do your paper shredding work. The area will house your shredder machine as well as office space.

Land requirements 300-500 sq ft


With a heavy-duty paper shredder machine, your daily shredding capacity could be 3500 KGs. For mobile services, you will use a trolley. You will also require a vehicle and office supplies such as a computer, printer, fax machine, and so on.

Heavy-Duty Shredder 1 UNIT
Trolley 1 UNIT
Vehicle 1 UNIT
Computer, Fax, Printer 1 UNIT EACH

Project cost structure

The total cost of starting your paper shredding business is determined by the paper shredder machine, equipment, office supplies, and labor requirements. The following is the investment structure for a paper shredding plant.

Land Owned/Leased
Paper Shredder machine Rs 210000
Trolley  Rs 100000
Office supplies Rs. 50000
Total Rs. 400000

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