Starting your Pani Puri Making Business in 6 Steps

Pani Puri locally popular as Puchka or Golgappa enjoys a great demand in many parts of India and other countries, especially in areas that have a significant food culture. People regardless of their age enjoy Pani Puri, and thereby making it something which is sought after snack. Its demand tends to increase during evening times and weekends when most people look for tasty snack.

Starting a Pani Puri Making as a result could be an exciting business venture given the facts we have brought forward above. Here are the six steps to get you started with a Pani Puri making business.

Do your market research

Sunil Kumar who is a successful owner of a Pani Puri stall business in Bhopal city of Madhya Pradesh said to us that you should do your proper market research to ensure your understand your key target customers and location that would drive your business. It will help you determine if there is a sufficient demand for Pani panuri in your target market.

Sunil also added that you should analyse the competition as well so that you would think of strategies that would set your Pani Puri business apart from your competitors.

Create a business plan

Business plan gets you into the reality that you will have to be to very careful while managing your business. He said creating a detailed business that explains everything about startup costs, pricing strategy, and revenue estimates. You also have to make sure that you outline a menu which would cover different Pani Puri variations and beverages, and some additional snacks.

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Legal requirements

Sunil also said when he interacted with us that business registration is important and when you start a business, you must get any mandatory licenses and permits. In addition, you may have to comply with your local health and safety regulations which may include handling and preperation standards.

Location and Equipment

You should look for a suitable location for your Pani Puri stall of you may want to go with the food truck option. The two most important and key factors are foot traffic and visibility of your business. You should also invest in buying quality equipment so that you will make and serve Pani Puri to your customers. Get your storage, a Pani Puri maker, and a refrigerator.

Buy your ingredients

Get in touch with reliable suppliers from whom you will obtain your fresh ingredients like puris, Pani also called spicy water, fillings, and also toppings. Besides, you will be maintaining a consistent quality of ingredients to make sure your Puri’s taste remains the same.

Marketing and promotion

There are three proven ways that work well when it comes to advertising your Pani Puri business. Here is the outline of all three promotions.

Word of mouth advertising would work well as it will help you encourage new customers to buy from you delicious Pani Puri. Spread your message via your friends, family, and relatives.

Create local partnerships with nearby businesses for cross promotion. For example, you may collaborate with your local beverage shops for combo offers and deals. Additionally, you should attend community events to make sure you will distribute free samples, and discount offers.

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