An Inspiring Success Story of Taco Bell Restaurant

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Taco Bell, a well fast food restaurant chain, has over 6,500 locations worldwide and specializes in adapted Mexican cuisine. Interestingly, this chain was founded by a competitor – McDonald’s – and went on to become one of the most popular in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Former sailor Glen Bell was motivated by the success of the Mcdonald’s fast-food franchise to launch his own fast food cafe. So, in 1948, a cafe called Bell’s Drive-In opened in San Bernardino, California, with a menu that was identical to the McDonalds brothers’ menu. Hot dogs were the primary attraction at first.

Glen created a new restaurant after selling this one, where he already served hamburgers. It was vital to stand out from well-known competitors, so Glen Bell bet on Mexican food in 1952: tacos, burritos, Mexican pizza, nachos, and other dishes that Latin American guests adored. They began as simple Taco Tias restaurants before evolving into bright and appealing fast Mexican cuisine restaurants.

The concept of opening not restaurants, but El Tacos Mexican restaurants first appeared in 1955. Glen sells his restaurant to partners and opens a new one, Taco Bell, in 1962. Bell, who is already well-versed in business, quickly expands his network and sells to everyone a franchise – the right to use the brand, for which firms regularly pay a percentage.

Buying a franchise is also a great way to organize a business, as Taco Bell restaurants demonstrate. Thus, in 1975, there are 868 Taco Bell restaurants in the United States, and it is purchased for 125 million dollars by the well-known company PepsiCo Inc. In 1977, the first fast Mexican restaurant outside of Mexico opened. Restaurants are actively launched in Canada and Australia in 1981.

Bell’s company grew in popularity in Mexico, China, Korea, Singapore, and the Philippines. Fast Mexican food first appeared in Europe in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Tacos were, of course, the first Mexican dish to appear in Bell’s restaurants. Visitors were so impressed that nachos and burritos were soon added to the menu. The preparation of tacos and other dishes according to various recipes resulted in the expansion of the assortment. Mexican beverages have been added.

The growth of the TacoBell network has revealed that many customers dislike Mexican cuisine that is overly fiery and spicy. However, marketers have taken this into consideration, and today each customer may choose how much pepper or salsa he wants.

Cupcakes, drinks, mini-snacks, and hot coffee are all available at Taco Bell. Burritos, stuffed eggs or sausage, bacon or steak, sausage and eggs, pancakes, hot or cold coffee, and orange juice, for example, are all on the Taco Bell breakfast menu.

The restaurant is continuously attempting to improve its menu and add new and intriguing items to it. This necessitates the hiring of highly qualified personnel. So, in 2012, the Doritos Locos Taco was born, a taco with a crispy Doritos chip casing. In the first year, almost a billion copies were sold.