Top 13 Profitable Travel and Tourism Business ideas

Travel, hospitality and tourism sectors directly or indirectly employ the largest portion of a population of many nations including India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Kenya, etc. Not only do these sectors help many countries boost their economies but they also prove vastly important in the conservation of their cultural heritage.

Here are the more than ten top and profitable small business opportunities for those of you who’re looking forward to starting a business in the travel and tourism industries.

1. Adventure tourism

Adventure tourism is a term referring to the participation of tourists in adventure activities. It isn’t surprising to know that the places that provide a feasible environment for various adventurous activities such as mountaineering, trekking, river rafting, golf playing, etc are the best location where an adventure tourism business is primed for success.

Maybe your place serves as an attraction for tourists by supporting one or many adventurous activities as well. If so, you can make a living while offering the visitors:

  • Trekking guides
  • Fishing equipment rental
  • Golf gear rental
  • Mountain bike rental
  • Ski instructions
  • Climbing gear rental

2. Boutique hotel

Many tourists nowadays prefer staying in boutique hotels and youth hostels compared to largely sized hotel chains. The reasons according to Christine Sarkis that spur travelers to stay in boutique hotels are their inexpensiveness and convenience compared to hotel chains. With this in mind, you may build 6-12 rooms based boutique hotel at your local destination.

3. Bed and breakfast

Unlike most hotels where you usually find fifty, sixty and even more guest rooms, you can start a 6 to 10 guest room based building to offer bed and breakfast to travelers in your tourist town.

4. Car rental business

If you own a car which most of the time lies idle and you live in a tourist town, letting it for rent to tourists is a wise decision over leaving it to lose value with time. However, it is extremely important that you offer cheap rates initially so that you could grow comfortably over time.

In addition, you can create a website, work hard on optimizing it for Google search and list up customer friendly packages as almost all people nowadays invest a good amount of time on researching services online before making their actual purchases.

5. Fast Food Kiosk 

Unlike restaurants that take a very long time to get food on the table, fast food kiosks are quick, convenient and fully self-serving. As a result, most tourists today prefer to visit them to eat their meals and therefore, makes opening a fast food kiosk near a tourist destination a compelling opportunity these days.

6. Houseboat rental business

In case, you live near water bodies such as lakes, rivers, etc offering a houseboat rental service is a great idea you could think to start. You can either buy your own houseboat and then rent it or you may tie up with houseboat owners (in case you can’t afford), send them clients and hence make your commission.

7. Luggage Delivery Services 

Often we get to see many tourists who travel with children and even disabled people experience much discomfort when it comes to carrying luggage from one place to another. Hence keeping this need in mind, you may offer them luggage delivery services so that they enjoy a hassle-free trip.

8. Golf Gear Rental 

A golf gear rental business could prove compelling for those serious entrepreneurs who are lucky to be living near a golf course as most golfers don’t bring the equipment along.

9. Tourist guide 

Many visitors in a bid to overcome high language barriers and when they lack time for finding and going to their chosen visiting places, restaurants etc prefer hiring tourist guides. What a tourist guide really does is that he or she helps tourists understand unfamiliar languages.

The idea of becoming a tourist guide might suit well your personality if you have good command at speaking one or more foreign languages such as English, French, Spanish, etc.

10. Tourist photography

Even though technological advancement has narrowed the scope of professional photography due to the fact that it’s now cheap to buy and convenient to carry a camera for tourists, yet there are many travelers who hire professional photographers to capture beautiful glimpses.

11. Become a Translator 

Travelers, most of the time seek help from interpreters so as to understand the local unfamiliar languages. The most essential prerequisite that you need to have in order to run a language translation business is that you should have the ability to speak English, Spanish, etc like languages.

12. Travel Consultant 

Though the birth of internet portals have drastically impacted the jobs of travel consultants over the years, we don’t agree that they have lost their relevance today. In fact, they are in good demand even today. Hence, you could also think about becoming a travel consultant if you have gained some traveling experience.

13. Open a Travel Agency

Many people based on a number of reasons such as proper guidance, the best value, personalized service, etc like to avail services from travel agencies. When operating a travel agency business, what you can offer is flight booking, hotel reservation, pilgrimage tour booking, etc like services. You should also integrate a web portal to build your online presence.

Satyabrata Dash

Satyabrata Dash

Satyabrata Dash, a Bhubaneswar, Odisha based professional who apart from working with Hinduja Globals, loves to write on startups, work issues and not to mention entrepreneurship.

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