Top 10 Travel and Tourism Business ideas in India for 2021

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The travel and tourism industry’s business ideas abound and can be varied as there are many components that directly and indirectly influence its operations.

Airlines, hotels, resorts, car rentals, money changers, travel agents, tourist entertainment, and shopping, are all grouped under businesses in the travel and tourism sector.

If you are looking for starting a business in travel, hospitality, and tourism, here are ten best yet innovative business ideas you can choose from. 

Adventure tourism

Adventure tourism is a term referring to the participation of tourists in adventure activities. It isn’t surprising to know that all those places that provide a feasible environment for various adventurous activities such as mountaineering, trekking, river rafting, golf playing, etc. are the best locations for adventure tourism business will find success.

Medical tourism

The advent of the internet leads to medical tourism’s popularity because communication was made easy by it—medical tourism deals in planning trips relatively at cheaper costs for people who travel abroad for medical care. The beauty of the medical tourism business is that you can do it even when you are on vacation.

Travel agency

While medical tourism is targeted at specialized markets, a general travel agency can be a profitable business targeted to the public. A travel agency deals in making necessary arrangements for travelers, i.e. booking air tickets, hotel rooms, etc.

Boutique hotel 

Many tourists nowadays prefer staying in boutique hotels and youth hostels compared to mostly sized hotel chains. The reasons, according to Christine Sarkis that spur travelers to stay in boutique hotels are their inexpensiveness and convenience compared to hotel chains. With this in mind, you may build a 6-12 rooms based boutique hotel at your local destination.

Corporate travel management 

Business or corporate travel management provides travel services to corporations, professionals, executives, and frequent fliers. The benefits include customized travel solutions, discounted fares, and hotel accommodations, as well as any other service that completes a business trip.

Travel photography

One of the exciting business opportunities in the travel and tourism industry is travel photography. The road is tough, but this can be a rewarding business if everything goes well. The income in this business is mainly based on an Assignment basis and Stock sales.

Bed and breakfast

Unlike most hotels where you usually find fifty, sixty, and even more guest rooms, you can start a 6 to 10 guest room based building to offer bed and breakfast to travelers in your tourist town.

Fastfood kiosk 

Unlike restaurants that take a very long time to get food on the table, fast food kiosks are quick, convenient, and thoroughly self-serving. As a result, most tourists today prefer to visit them to eat their meals and make opening a fast-food kiosk near a tourist destination a compelling opportunity these days.

Travel consultant

Though the birth of internet portals has drastically impacted travel consultants’ jobs over the years, we disagree that they have lost their relevance today. They are in good demand, even today. Hence, you could also think about becoming a travel consultant if you have gained some traveling experience.

Become a translator 

Travelers, most of the time, seek help from interpreters to understand the local unfamiliar languages. The essential prerequisite that you need to have to run a language translation business is that you should have the ability to speak English, Spanish, etc., like languages.

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