50 Best Travel and Tourism Business ideas for 2019

Travel, hospitality and tourism sectors directly or indirectly employ a largest portion of population of many nations including India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Kenya etc. Not only do these sectors help many countries boost their economies but they also prove vastly important in the conservation of their cultural heritage.

Travel, hospitality and tourism industries altogether offer tons of market opportunities and the good news for the aspiring entrepreneurs is that almost all opportunities demand light investments.

Here are 50 top and profitable small business opportunities for those of you who’re looking forward to start a business in the travel and tourism industries.

1. Adventure tourism

Adventure tourism is a term referring to the participation of tourists in adventure activities. It isn’t surprising to know that the places that provide a feasible environment for various adventurous activities such as mountaineering, trekking, river rafting, golf playing etc are the best location where an adventure tourism business is primed for success.

Maybe your place serves as an attraction for tourists by supporting one or many adventurous activities as well. If so, you can make a living while offering the visitors:

  • Trekking guides
  • Fishing equipment rental
  • Golf gear rental
  • Mountain bike rental
  • Ski instructions
  • Climbing gear rental

2. Airport shuttle service

International and domestic travellers who travel through planes and trains require transport to move from airports and railway stations to hotels where they choose to stay and vice versa. Keeping this need in mind, you may start a shuttle service business. This business doesn’t demand you more than a vehicle in good condition, driving skills and off course a driving license. It can be operated on a part time basis as well.

3. Allergy translation cards

An allergy translation card allows allergy sensitive tourists tackle away language barriers by conveying the restaurant staff to avoid the use of a food that causes allergy to them. Hence, starting a business that provides allergy translations cards is another viable travel and tourism related opportunity for you.

4. Ayurveda treatment

You may be shocked to learn that Ayurveda treatment on account of its holistic health benefits attracts lots of foreigners especially from Europe to India on a yearly basis. South Indian states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka etc have already earned a name in the trade, and hence are the best locations where you can start Ayurveda treatment and therapies business.

5. Bed and break fast

Unlike most hotels where you usually find fifty, sixty and even more guest rooms, you can start a 6 to 10 guest room based building to offer bed and breakfast to travellers in your tourist town.

6. Boutique hotel

Many travellers nowadays prefer boutique hotels over large sized hotel chains. The reasons according to Christine Sarkis that spur travellers to stay in boutique hotels are their inexpensiveness and convenience compared to hotel chains. With this in mind, you may also build a 6-12 rooms based boutique hotel at your local destination.

7. Car rental business

If you own a car which most of the time lies idle and you live in a tourist town, letting it for rent to tourists is a wise decision over leaving it to loose value with time. However, it is extremely important that you offer cheap rates initially so that you could grow comfortably over time.

8. Online car rental 

In addition, you can create a website, work hard on optimising it for Google search and list up customer friendly packages as almost all people nowadays invest a good amount of time on researching services online before making their actual purchases.

9. Coffee Shop Business

Opening a coffee shop near a tourist place is another thriving business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

10. Fast Food Kiosk 

Unlike restaurants that take very long time to get food on table, fast food kiosks are quick, convenient and fully self serving. As a result, most tourists today prefer to visit them to eat their meals and therefore, makes opening a fast food kiosk near a tourist destination a compelling opportunity these days.

11. Fruit Juice Stall

Especially in travel destinations that are prone to extreme hot temperatures, opening a fresh fruit juice stall business could prove highly rewarding for entrepreneurs.

12. Houseboat Rental Business

In case, you live near water bodies such as lakes, rivers etc offering a houseboat rental service is a great idea you could think to start. You can either buy your own houseboat and then rent it or you may tie up with houseboat owners(in case you can’t afford), send them clients and hence make your commission.

13. Kayak Tour Business

If you find yourself enjoying kayaking and you have access to some local water bodies such as flowing rivers or streams, then you may consider starting a kayak tour business there.

14. Luggage Delivery Services 

Often we get to see many tourists who travel with children and even disabled people experience much discomfort when it comes to carrying luggage from one place to another. Hence keeping this need in mind, you may offer them luggage delivery services so that they enjoy a hassle-free trip.

15. Jet Ski Rentals 

If you happen to be living near a beach where travels visit to enjoy jet skying activity, then you can financially reward yourself by offering a fleet of 5-6 jet ski for rent there.

16. Golf Gear Rental 

A golf gear rental business could prove compelling for those serious entrepreneurs who are lucky to be living near a golf course as most golfers don’t bring the equipment along.

17. Offer Trekking Guides 

Offering trekking guides to travellers is a great tourism related opportunity for someone who’s trained enough in trekking.

18. Paragliding Rental

If you live in an area where many travellers visit to enjoy paragliding activity, then you may consider to offer para-glider for rent there.

19. Tourist Guide 

Many visitors in a bid to overcome high language barriers and when they lack time for finding and going to their chosen visiting places, restaurants etc prefer hiring tourist guides. What a tourist guide really does is that he or she helps tourists understand unfamiliar languages.

The idea of becoming a tourist guide might suit well your personality if you have a good command at speaking one or more foreign languages such as English, French, Spanish etc.

20. Professional Photographer 

Even though technological advancement has narrowed the scope of professional photography due to the fact that it’s now cheap to buy and convenient to carry a camera for tourists, yet there are many travellers who hire professional photographers to capture beautiful glimpses.

21. Open a Souvenir Shop

If you’re located in a town that attracts good number of travellers, opening a souvenir shop can prove rewarding there.

22. Become a Translator 

Travellers, most of the time seek help from interpreters so as to understand the local unfamiliar languages. The most essential prerequisite that you need to have in order to run a language translation business is that you should have the ability to speak English, Spanish etc like languages.

23. Online Hotel Booking

Or, you may create an online hotel booking website to help tourists not to waste their pennies on travel agents.

24. Online Air Ticket Booking

You could also add up an online air and train ticket services to your website to make the trips of travellers more convenient and enjoying.

25. Boat Charter Business

Reserve a sailboat or motor yacht to help travellers enjoy vacations if you live near a coastal or an island destination.

26. Yacht Cleaning Business 

You could also take steps towards offering professional cleaning services to yacht owners at such locations.

27. Open a Hotel Business

Setup a hotel to serve the needs like accommodation, meals and even health care of travellers and tourists who pay visits to your place.

28. Motorcycle Rental Business

Though not all, yet many among tourists and travellers look for motorcycle rentals to have fun while exploring a new place.

29. Travel Consultant 

Though the birth of internet portals have drastically impacted the jobs of travel consultants over the years, but we don’t agree that they have lost their relevance today. In fact, they are in good demand even today. Hence, you could also think about becoming a travel consultant if you have gained some travelling experience.

30. Travel Coordinator

Become a travel coordinator to offer transportation and lodging like services to both domestic and international travellers.

31. Open a Travel Agency

Many people based on a number of reasons such as proper guidance, best value, personalised service etc like to avail services from travel agencies. When operating a travel agency business, what you can offer is flight booking, hotel reservation, pilgrimage tour booking etc like services. You should also integrate a web portal to build your online presence.

32. Trade Show Exhibitor 

Become an exhibitor to help businesses build and forge networks by visiting trade fairs and even consumer shows.

33. Open a Night Club

Help travellers and tourists to socialise with other people and get entertained by opening a nightclub business at your place.

34. E-commerce Solutions

If you are web developer, you could deliver e-commerce solutions such as shopping carts, order management, payment gateways etc to those aspirants who aim to start a online portals.

35. Welcoming Services

Greet travellers visiting your town and get paid by businesses for your efforts to promote their services to them.

36. Small Restaurant 

If you’re located in a destination city, you may also open a small restaurant to serve preferable meals to tourists.

37. Roadside Food Vendor 

Become a roadside food vendor to serve delicious food and snacks near your tourist destination to travellers.

38. Self Service Hotel

If you already own a hotel near a destination, adopt the model of self service to offer travellers more convenient choices.

39. Open a Museum 

You might also be interested in opening a museum to store and exhibit the local historical and artistic works to the tourists.

40. Carnival Entertainment

Become a carnival entertainer to let traversal as well as locals have fun and amusement. Other than corporate sponsors, attract petty vendors to earn more.

41. Travel Blogger 

If you love travelling and exploring new places, you certainly are in great favour for becoming a successful travel blogger.

42. Travel Agent 

Become a travel agent to advise and arrange transport, accommodation, visas and passports etc for travellers.

43. Corporate Retreats

Offer corporate retreat rental service to help employees of local corporations re-energise and rediscover their passion.

44. Pedicab Rental

If you could afford, purchase a pedicab and offer it for rent to the travellers to help them enjoy their tour times.

45. RV Rental 

If you own a RV vehicle, it could be nice to bring in some extra cash by aiding families enjoy it for some time.

46. Limousine Service

Offer limousine service to transport travellers and tourists(especially the celebrates) from one place to another.

47. Travel Tourism TV Program 

Take your travel and tourism program on a local TV channel to demonstrate local lodging, cuisines and other attractions.

48. Travel and Tourism Magazine 

Publish a travel and tourism magazine to provide travel tips, news and information about the local tourist destinations.

49. Personal Security Services

Offer personal security services to safeguard visitors and tourists and their properties from theft, fire, vandalism like criminal activities.

50. Tourism Officer 

Take the role of a tourism officer to help in generating and increasing revenue by promoting your local tourism campaigns.

51. Excursion Organiser

If you happen to be good at organising trips, you might add up some extra bucks by organising excursion trips for local schools.

52. Travel Software Developer

Develop travel and tourism-related software to help business corporations make their processes and operational tasks efficient.

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