6 Profitable Copper Related Business ideas

Indian copper industry has historically done great in both primary and secondary copper production. In India, the demand for copper is mostly driven by diverse sectors like construction, electrical appliances, transportation, and electronics.

The industry’s profitability has grown multifold given India’s push towards industrialization, and infrastructure development, as multiple business opportunities have sprout out as a result of Make in India program. Here are the six most profitable copper related business ideas for all those entrepreneurs who wanted to tap markets the copper industry

Copper recycling business

Establishing a business that focuses on collecting and recycling copper scrap is a great idea given the fact it is not only an eco-friendly business but could also prove to be a quote profita

Copper Plumbing Services

Start a plumbing business specializing in copper piping installations and repairs. Many construction and renovation projects require copper plumbing due to its durability and resistance to corrosion.

Copper Crafts and Artwork

Create and sell handmade crafts or artwork made from copper. This could include jewelry, sculptures, or decorative items. Unique and artistic copper products often find a market among art enthusiasts.

Copper Cookware Production

Manufacture and sell high-quality copper cookware. Copper cookware is popular among chefs and cooking enthusiasts because of its excellent heat conductivity and aesthetic appeal.

Copper Electroplating Services

Offer copper electroplating services to other businesses. Electroplating is widely used in various industries, including electronics and automotive, and copper plating is a common choice.

Copper Souvenirs and Gifts

Create a line of souvenirs or gifts made from copper, catering to tourists and gift shops. This could include keychains, ornaments, or custom-engraved copper products.

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