Entrepreneurship as a Solution to Unemployment

Unemployment is a serious economic problem faced by our country. There are around 4 million unemployed people in India. By definition, an unemployed person is someone who is available for work but doesn’t find a paid job.

Unemployment alarms danger signal when there is a deficiency of work against the availability of people who are ready to work. Unemployment is said to be under control when there is equilibrium between the available workforce and jobs. When more jobs are available than workforce, unemployment issue disappears from a country.

Unemployment issue emerges when both public and governments shun their attitude or show recklessness towards job creation. Both public and governments are equally responsible for unemployment issue. A visionary nation never gives issues like such to emerge since they not only create means of livelihood for themselves but also for their children. When people in governments don’t focus on creation of jobs in public sector, unemployment issues emerges.

In India, people study hard for acquiring jobs in government sectors while as in developed countries people study for bringing a change to their communities. That is the difference between us and them. God helps those who help themselves.

One of the pure solutions to deal with unemployment is the induction of entrepreneurship in a country. Entrepreneurship is a pure and free solution. The job of the government is to make self-reliant. A self-reliant person can solve his problem on his own rather seeking a solution from others.

Governments need to create, and spread awareness programs about entrepreneurship. Expert consultation can help to a great extent. The concept of entrepreneurship should be added to the syllabus of students from the grade one and other materials should be created to change the attitude of people about employment.

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In India, people study with a view to get a government job. Parents are also responsible because it is they who instil the concept of doctor, teacher, etc. in the minds of their children. The examples of doctors, teachers have to be replaced with the examples of entrepreneurs.

Solutions of unemployment

Study material that illustrates examples of doctors, teacher’s etc. need to be revised and replaced by the examples of entrepreneurs from the grade one.

The mind-set of parents needs also to be changed since they influence their children a lot. Our view of entrepreneurship will change when we will consider entrepreneurship as Kings Job and government jobs as a beggar job.

A King is the creator; similarly an entrepreneur is the creator kind of stories needs to be added to the syllabus of students.

People give weight to government jobs than private because they feel it secured and safe. The similar assurance has to be added to the private jobs by the government. That way we could also achieve low corruption.