The agriculture sector forms the foundation of our Indian economy. Because of its presence, we Indians are assured food, clothes, and most importantly we are also able to make our livelihood. Our agriculture industry has great potential to help our economy grow provided entrepreneurs are willing to start agriculture or farming-related businesses.

The great advantage to enjoy in starting a business in our agriculture industry is that input costs are low while profits are great. Here are the top 7 agriculture and farming business ideas for our Indian aspiring as well as established entrepreneurs.

Potato cultivation

Growing potatoes for a profit is a great farming opportunity as we have a strong domestic demand combined with the availability of perfect agro-climatic conditions for cultivation. The local cultivation of potatoes will also help us reduce our spending expenditure on imports from other states within our own country and other nations. The only big requirement to start potato cultivation is a small farm that contains minerals to support the growth of potatoes.

Potato chips making

You can expand your wings to potato chips making. The good reasons are that you already would have the supply of raw materials from your farm and there is a great local demand for potato chips. While you can make potato chips manually, there are machines available to save your money, time, and earn more by serving more customers.

Sell Potato Seeds

The other best possibility to make more money from your potato farm is to sell potato tubers or seeds as there is no dearth of customers {growers and farmers} in our nation, who will buy your potato seeds. Your big expenses could be a rental shop in order to do retail otherwise you don’t need to make any such expenditure if you sell in wholesale.

Branded honey

It is unfortunate to say that despite having a strong market for honey, we have a very limited production of branded as we don’t pay the required attention to our honey industry. We have all the necessary conditions to support the domestic honey production but we aren’t interested to take advantage of our strong marketing infrastructure.

Mushroom cultivation

Mushroom cultivation is yet another profitable area where we have failed to make progress. There is a supportive framework available in our country India that could not only enable us to serve the domestic market but we could also produce mushrooms for international markets.

Strawberry cultivation

Strawberries are rich in plenty of essential vitamins and most importantly contain no-fat. We have a large market of people who want to eat fat-free fruits but are unfortunate to have them at their disposal as they are very costly to buy in India. It is because we have very limited production for strawberries. We will need to expand our capacity for strawberry cultivation in order to serve our growing domestic market all over India.

Sell vegetable seeds

Our country suffers a high deficit for quality vegetable seeds even though we have mineral-rich land, and favorable climatic available. The problem is that the eyes of our entrepreneurs never look seriously at it and if they do, our farmers will not only enjoy high vegetable yields but we will also be able to make a mark in the overseas market.

Rais Dar

RAIS DAR is an entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and a Small Business Consultant who loves to write about Entrepreneurship, and Career Guidance.