Starting a business in France is a great opportunity to work in a free and cool environment.

There isn’t either scarcity of talented workforce or market for your products or services and there is not also so much annoyed legal requirements in France.

Here are the 7 great small business ideas to build your successful startup in France.

Homemade meals

The number of people who want to eat homecooked meals is increasing in France as they are realizing how harmful fast food could prove for their health.

If you love to prepare food, the homemade meals business gives you a good opportunity to showcase your cooking skills to your potential customers in France.

Your food shouldn’t be just delicious and healthy but also go well with the local taste. You can use local food search sites to market your meals.

PC repair

People in France use a lot of computers for personal, as well as commercial purposes. You can earn a lot while setting right their faulty computers.

Getting a lot of customers would be difficult in the first place. However, when you paddle on your own canoe, you will see more customers ringing your business.

Translation services

French people love their language as much as we do English. They would require at times translators to help them understand language beyond their knowledge. If you know Enligh upside down, you can offer French to English and vice versa services in France.

Social media star

Social media users are everywhere including France. You can earn serious money by becoming a social media star. Becoming a social media star would demand you to have creativity and speaking skills.

People will follow in your footsteps as long as you are able to influence their decisions. You will earn while promoting the products and services of companies to your followers.

House rental

If you have a room or a two in your home available for rent, earn rental income from tenants who look for rental rooms. There would probably be those people who roam around in search of room accommodation at your place.

Mobile applications

If you have programming skills, you can use them in making mobile applications for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, magazines, newspapers, etc. in your locality.

Your application should have no compatibility issues with both IOS and Android systems. You can also make your own application and monetize it to earn your money.

Dropshipping services

You may not have the money to launch your eCommerce business but there is a great way to stay connected with the eCommerce industry by starting a dropshipping business.

All you need to get started is to sign up for online platforms providing dropshipping services such as Amazon. Post your links on social media, and earn when your followers click and make a purchase.

James Scott

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