How to Start a Computer Repair Business With No Money

If you’re wondering how to start a computer repair business with no or little money, then read this comprehensive guide…

It is an easily digestible¬†fact that sometimes it is beyond the hands of a common man to fix every damage in a faulty computer¬†since it is made up of very intricate components. That time, a computer owner isn’t left with any choice other than taking and getting it repaired by a computer repair technician.

You should heartily welcome the idea of opening a computer repair business provided you are a computer savvy with skills to resolve every hardware and software related problems in nonfunctional computers at your local place.

It is even realistically possible for you to start a computer repair business with no money provided you already own right set of tools and skills to repair faulty computers.

Keep reading ahead to acquaint yourself with every step, tips, and advises towards launching your own computer repair business with almost no startup costs:

Computer repair business pros

It is being falsely propagated by many and we are sure you also have met such people that computer repair and maintenance business isn’t worth efforts just because of the low profits.

Such claims are nothing but ridiculous. In fact, returns in relation to the investment are exceptionally enjoyable. You may not even need to invest, provided you have the technical background in computers and tools.

You even can run a computer repair business single-handedly as there are almost zero requirements of labor. Luckily you also need no specific college certificate.

Typical working day in a computer repair business

What you will be doing during a typical day at a computer repair business has been mentioned as follows:

  • Getting in conversions with potential customers related to computer problems
  • Diagnosing and applying corrective methods to repair faulty computers
  • Recording number of services being provided to customers on a daily basis

What do you need to set up a computer repair business?

Total steps that you need to take in order to start a computer repair business aren’t more than five and each step has been discussed in detail as:

  1. Generate a business plan that should properly and realistically outline your potential customers including home PC users living and small business users operating around, the strength of your competitors and of course their weak points, the total expenditure that will incur for shop rent, tools, computer components and daily expenses, marketing methods to be practised for attracting customers etc
  2. Secure a business license while registering your business at the office of your city clerk, if mandatory.
  3. Choose a location between your home and storefront on the basis of various parameters like which of the two offers a feasible working environment, can bring more business, etc. Delivering service at a storefront means more customers and hence more income, however, you will have to pay rent to the owner while as working at home means fewer customers and hence less income, however, you won’t need to pay rent since you are the owner of your house.
  4. Following the conclusion of step 3, you might also need to compile a budget for shop rent, necessary tools, new components and even day to day expenses.
  5. Lastly, what you need to do is to help your computer repair business get known by potential customers while using popular mediums such as a newspaper, TV channel. In addition, what you shouldn’t avoid is the creation and distribution of flyers.

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Satyabrata Dash

Satyabrata Dash

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