The automobile industry has undergone a significant change over the preceding decades. Its remarkable development may be attributed mainly to the increasing need for convenient and time-saving transportation modes. The automobile manufacturing business has consistently provided us with brand-new motorbikes, passenger buses, and delivery trucks in addition to brand-new automobiles.

Even the rapidly expanding aftermarket services, like maintenance and repair, reflect how large the automobile industry has become in recent decades. You may use thirty eight business ideas to get into the profitable and expanding automotive industry.

1. Auto repair service

To maintain the quality of their vehicles, more drivers will require services such as oil changes, scratch removal, and other similar services as the number of automobiles on the road increases. People interested in making money and possessing the knowledge to do these types of repairs and maintenance can open an auto repair shop in their local region. Focus on a particular market segment until you have accumulated sufficient funds to expand your vehicle repair business. You may also consider including a vehicle insurance provider on your list of companies that repair automobiles.

2. Auto Electrician

Suppose you have completed an apprenticeship programme while working under the supervision of an experienced professional. In that case, you may become an automotive electrician and learn to diagnose, install, and repair issues with the electrical systems of automobiles.

3. Auto technician

Suppose you can inspect, maintain, and repair damaged automobiles and their components. You may consider becoming an auto technician and working with local auto repair service providers. You might choose to adopt the career of an auto technician.

4. Auto parts seller

By selling automotive spare parts and related accessories, you may supplement the work that auto technicians do to restore damaged automobiles to their original condition and make their jobs easier.

5. Automobile trader

To engage yourself in purchasing and selling new and old vehicles to the people in the community, you may become an automotive or automobile trader.

6. Auto detailing

Provide services in auto detailing to help individuals restore the inside and external aspects of their automobiles to how they were when they first purchased them.

7. Car wash business

Though washing a car takes only a few minutes, many car owners, especially busy ones, want it done for them, creating a car wash business opportunity. Starting a car wash business requires money to acquire equipment and a location with excellent traffic. Due to the rise of the internet and mobile apps, mobile vehicle washes have become very popular. You usually wash cars at owners’ houses and offices.

8. Provide a cab service

Cabs have eliminated the need to wait for public buses. Smartphones may now set pickup and dropoff times. Launching a cab service might help you here. Two cab service models exist. One method is to partner with e-hailing companies like BMW Group, Daimler, Lyft, Uber, Ola, etc., or start your cab service. The latter strategy requires a mobile app and massive promotion.

9. Haulage Business

Wherever commercial goods need to be moved, there is a clear need for a haulage service business, and your area is probably no different. If you start a haulage business, you will most likely move things like raw materials, machines, equipment, dirt, rocks, building materials, etc., from one place to another for a fee.

10. School bus service

Even though the vast majority of private schools have their transportation facilities, there are still those that do not have this kind of service. If you are interested in beginning a business that provides school bus services, you will first need to conduct market research and then negotiate contracts with local schools that require school bus services.

11. Car Rental Business

If you reside in or near an area visited by tourists, consider renting out your vehicle so that visitors can get around in comfort and luxury while enjoying the sights of the city.

12. Open a Driving School

There are a lot of people out there who are looking for the necessary training and education to start driving safely right away. As a result, those with good driving expertise should consider opening a driving school since it is an excellent opportunity.

13. Computerized Wheel Alignment

Because of the value they put on their time, practically all automobile owners in today’s world take their vehicles to businesses that offer an automated wheel alignment and balancing services. Therefore, if you have enough money to invest, you might consider beginning your wheel alignment service in your local area.

14. Denting & Painting 

Denting and painting vehicles is the automotive industry business that may be started for the least amount of money. However, to successfully operate a denting and painting company, you will need the ability to remove dents from the auto body brought on by collisions or accidents. Additionally, you will need the ability to use spraying equipment and supplies to assist vehicle owners in restoring the appearance of their vehicles. Moreover, you will need to seek a suitable place.

15. Tire repair business 

Drivers should have their cars’ problematic tyres repaired or replaced as soon as possible to remove a potential source of danger. You might also consider opening a retail tyre business to sell new tyres to car owners to increase the amount of money you make in addition to your current income.

16. Battery Technician

By taking on the role of a battery technician, it will be your responsibility to inspect, fix, and ultimately replace any malfunctioning car batteries.

17. Brake Technician

Follow the profession of a brake mechanic to learn how to diagnose, determine, and fix typical brake problems and repair, and replace damaged brakes, among other things.

18. Battery Reconditioning 

Provide services for the reconditioning of batteries to assist vehicle owners in regaining or restoring the total capacity of their older batteries.

19. Driving Instructor 

Suppose you have sufficient experience behind the wheel. In that case, you might be interested in becoming a driving teacher so that you can earn money helping other people prepare for their driver’s licence exams.

20. Engine Technician

Acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to perform diagnostic testing, preventative maintenance, and repairs on malfunctioning engines in various vehicle sizes.

21. Headlight Restoration

Provide headlight restoration services, which involve using de-oxidizers to restore automobile headlight lenses that have become hazy and aged over time.

22. Dump Truck Rental 

By renting your dump truck, you may make it possible for construction businesses to move building materials from one area to another.

23. Food Truck Service

Cooking and selling meals at construction sites or other events can be done onboard a truck equipped with a kitchen, provided that you possess such a vehicle.

24. Campus Shuttle Service

Run a campus shuttle service that will carry students and teaching personnel from one campus in your area to another.

25. Oil Change Service 

Launch a company that provides oil changes to assist people to keep their automobiles in good working condition by exchanging used oil for clean, fresh oil at regular intervals.

26. Vehicle Tower 

If you have a truck, you should use it to transport vehicles that have broken down to the closest and most convenient garages where they can be repaired.

27. Automobile Designer 

You also have the opportunity to be part of the design of the interior as well as the outside of automobiles.

28. Auto Upholsterer

Become an upholsterer for automobiles if you want to make it possible for people to sit comfortably in their vehicles.

29. Tire Retailing

You might also consider opening a retail tyre business to sell new tyres to car owners to increase the amount of money you make in addition to your current income.

30. Windshield Repair

Make it easier for customers to get their windscreens repaired so that the individual vehicles can regain their structural strength.

31. Mobile Mechanic 

Make sure that your phone number is easily accessible on the internet so that people who need help with their automobiles at their homes, places of business, or even while they are driving may find it.

32. Tire Retreading 

Eliminate worn-out treads and install new ones while simultaneously creating a tyre retreading company to lengthen the lifespan of car tyres.

33. AC Repair 

Locate and repair malfunctioning air conditioners so that car owners can experience more enjoyable, relaxed, and comfortable rides.

34. Sell used cars

Try to negotiate down the price of secondhand automobiles, have a mechanic fix them up, and then sell them to individual customers.

35. Sell used parts 

Purchase discarded automobiles and then dismantle them to recover any usable parts.

36. Gas station

People are looking for the best alternatives to reduce the negative impact that petrol and diesel have unleashed on the environment, so starting a gas station is another viable automotive business opportunity. 

37. Bike repair service 

Spend a minimum of one year learning the skills essential to provide bike repair service by working under the supervision of an experienced technician.

38. Bike Rental

Alternatively, if you have several bicycles available, you may start a business renting them out to tourists.

39. Automotive blogger

You might also consider becoming an automotive blogger to leverage the information and experience you have gained in the automobile business.

Becky Holton

This Guide is brought to you by Becky Holton who is a journalist and a blogger. She teaches and trains budding entrepreneurs on various startup aspects.