Top 10 Profitable Business ideas in Ethiopia [2020]

If there is any promising way that could help Ethiopia alleviate its extreme rate of poverty to a substantial degree, it is entrepreneurship. But the government of Ethiopia has to back this program financially in order to reap better results.

Agriculture from earlier days to till date remains the promising source of welfare for Ethiopians, contributing around 50% towards the country’s GDP despite the presence of poor infrastructure and high taxes.

Here are the top 10 best small business opportunities you may look upon if you’re serious about starting a business Ethiopia:

1. AC Installation

With the boom in air conditioner adoption across both residential and commercial markets in Tanzania, starting an AC ( Air conditioner) installation service business is an attention-worthy area for a person with skills to install air conditioners.

2. Fence Installation

High cases of crimes that mainly includes robbery and other forms of intrusion have shown a marked surge over the time in Ethiopia, thus making it highly imperative for people to bar access to robbers, thieves, and other criminals, etc while installing fences around their homes, farmlands, schools, factories, etc. Fence installation business requires good construction skills.

3. Fruit jams

Ethiopia is a nation where the production of fruits like apple, pear, mulberry, and strawberry is good, creating a good market opportunity for those entrepreneurs who seek value addition by manufacturing and distribution of fruit jams in the country.

4. Flour mills

Flour milling plants are also required in Ethiopia as the country is very rich in the production of high quantities of wheat, barley, corn, etc like cereals.

5. Fresh Juice Business

Unlike other businesses, a fresh fruit business isn’t something that demands you to have a thick skin. It is a simple venture that not only is in high demand these days(due to increasing health consciousness) but also offers the promise of high returns on investment.

6. Catering Services

Food is an important part of every event. As events continue to become more complex than ever, it is even hard for people to prepare sumptuous food by themselves. As a result, the demand for food caterers in events is increasing with time. So, if both of your hands possess the magic of preparing delicious food, then you should give thoughts to a catering service business.

7. Skincare Products

Skin care products especially multifunctional ones are growing in popularity among both men as well as women due to the fact they deliver a package of benefits at once such anti-aging, cleansing, UV protection, etc. Therefore, a great small business opportunity you may consider today in your locality.

8. Open a Hair Salon

Barbers have a defined place in our communities because as long as we have them, we humans would never go out of style. They are required to make us good looking, enhance our facial appearance and cut down the hair that if left unchecked could make us look like wild animals. Therefore, another great choice men can venture into these days.

9. Organic Food Store

Since organic food proves much safer and healthier than conventional food, people are continuously preferring them during their meals. Hence, opening an organic food store is worth it these days.

10. Dance School

Ever since dance programs became part of television shows, many people (especially the youth) are turning towards dance schools to become great dancers. Therefore, if you’re a pretty good dancer, you may decide to open your own dancing school.