50 Most Profitable Business ideas in Ethiopia [2024]

Entrepreneurship stands out as one of the most promising research approaches that could assist Ethiopia in significantly lowering the percentage of its population that lives in extreme poverty. However, the Ethiopian government has to provide financial support for this program in order to see improved results.

Agriculture has been and continues to be the most promising source of welfare for Ethiopians. Despite Ethiopia’s inadequate infrastructure and high tax rates, agriculture contributes approximately 50 percent to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). If you are serious about starting a business in Ethiopia, the following is a list of the top ten best opportunities for small businesses that you may look into:

1. AC Installation

A person who is able to install air conditioners and is interested in starting a business that provides AC (air conditioner) installation services should take note of the recent surge in the adoption of air conditioners across residential and commercial markets in Ethiopia. This has created an attention-worthy niche for individuals who possess the skills necessary to install air conditioners.

2. Fence Installation

It has become increasingly important for residents of Ethiopia to install fences around their homes, farmlands, schools, and factories, as well as bar access to robbers, thieves, and other criminals, among other types of intruders, due to the high incidence of crimes in the country, the majority of which involve theft and other types of intrusion, which has shown a marked increase over the course of time. To be successful in the industry of installing fences, you need solid construction skills.

3. Fruit jams

Apples, pears, mulberries, and strawberries grow well in Ethiopia, providing excellent potential for business owners interested in adding value by producing and selling fruit preserves.

4. Flour mills

Since Ethiopia is so prosperous in the production of grains like wheat, barley, corn, and so on in large quantities, the country has a need for milling plants that produce flour.

5. Fresh Juice Business

In contrast to many other types of enterprises, operating a business that deals in fresh fruit do not require you to have a thick skin. It is a simple business that is in high demand these days (thanks to an increased awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle), and it offers the possibility of large returns on investment.

6. Catering Services

The consumption of food is an essential component of every gathering. It is even difficult for people to create magnificent cuisine on their own as the world’s events continue to become more complicated than they have ever been before. As a direct consequence of this, the need for food caterers at events is growing steadily over time. Therefore, if you are blessed with the ability to conjure up delectable dishes using both of your hands, you ought to give some consideration to starting a catering business.

7. Skincare Products

Skincare products, particularly multifunctional ones, are becoming increasingly popular among men and women alike. This is due to the fact that these products give a package of benefits all at once, including anti-aging, cleansing, protection from UV rays, and so on. Consequently, a fantastic potential for a small business that you can think about pursuing today in your community.

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8. Open a Hair Salon

Barbers will always have a place in our societies because as long as we have them, we humans will never go out of style. They are necessary in order to improve our facial features, make us look more attractive overall, and reduce the amount of facial hair that, if not removed, would make us appear to be wild creatures. Therefore, opening a hair salon is yet another excellent business opportunity available to men in today’s modern world.

9. Organic Food Store

People consistently choose organic foods over conventional foods while they are eating out because organic foods are safer and healthier than traditional foods. Therefore, it would be worthwhile to operate an organic food store in today’s market.

10. Dance School

Since dance segments began to appear on television shows, an increasing number of people—especially young people—have been enrolling in dance classes in order to hone their dancing abilities. Therefore, if you consider yourself to be a rather skilled dancer, you can think about starting your own dancing school.

There are various other small business services you can launch in Ethiopia like online invoice template free.

11. Agricultural Export Business

You may want to capitalize on Ethiopia’s rich agricultural climate and resources like Jennifer who exports various locally produced commodities like coffee, spices, and flowers.

12. Tourism Services

Follow the footsteps of John Lawrence who makes money as he has created a popular travel agency business to cater to the growing tourism industry of Ethiopia.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Entrepreneurs can be like Steve, Rachin, etc who have developed a very innovative solar and wind energy solutions to address the energy needs of rural areas of Ethiopia.

Mobile App Development

You can become a mobile app developer to create apps tailored to the local needs of Ethiopia such as agriculture management, and language learning programs.

E-commerce Platform

You can also make money in launching ecommerce platform to help local stores for online trade of their products and thereby making sure to foster the economic growth of the country.

Healthcare services

Ethiopia is a country that lacks high quality healthcare services. You should take the advantage of this opportunity by establishing a clinic or a telemedicine service to help in improving country’s healthcare accessibility.

Educational Consulting

Get into the shoes of Stephan Collins who has created an educational consultancy that offers services to assist students with study abroad opportunities.

Food Processing Business

Ask John who earn a lot of money ever since he launched a food processing business that makes sure to add value to the local produce while ensuring the processing and packaging of food products.

Water Purification Business

Ethiopia is haunted by the water scarcity challenges and you could become Abubaker who has launched a water purification business to make sure people have access to the clean water solutions by addressing water scarcity problems in the country.

Real estate development

You could be like Abeba who is a popular real estate developer as he has been contributing to the ever increasing real estate market of Ethiopia by developing residential and commercial dwellings in the Dire Dawa city of Ethiopia.

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IT training centers

There is a huge demand for a tech savvy workforce in the country and Amara is an entrepreneur who has established a training centre where she and her other team members help aspirants learn a vast number of IT skills.

Transportation Services

Become Amhara who owns a transportation company that makes her money by addressing the need for a reliable commuting option in her city.

Fashion design and retail

There is a growing fashion market and you could tap into it with your unique designs and locally made clothing and make sure to earn as much money as you want by selling your designs to the customers in your community.

Event Planning Services

Events occur everywhere and Ethiopia is no different where people celebrate a lot of events. If you are a event planner, you could be like Omri who organizers various events such as weddings, conferences, and parties.

Organic Farming

People want a chemical free life says Adeeba who has opened an organic farm and she not only makes money but also promotes sustainable agriculture in her city. You could also follow her footprints and launch your own organic farm.

Waste Management Services

People are creating a lot of waste day in day out and as a result there is a need for waste collection and recycling services to not make income but also at the same time address environmental concerns and issues.

Language Translation Services

You could also offer translation services to the individuals and businesses to make sure you bridge language gaps and also make money at the same time.

Fitness and Wellness Centers

Become the owner of a gym center like Jahangeer who caters to the needs of growing health conscious population in the Adiba city of Ethiopia.

Cultural Tourism Guides

You may also like the idea of offering cultural tourism guides. You will earn a lot when you provide guided tours that would highlight rich cultural heritage of Ethiopia.

Livestock Farming

Kaleb is an entrepreneur from the Kombolcha city of Ethiopia and he owns and engages in livestock farming to make sure he meets the demand for the meat and dairy products in the country.

Mobile Repair Services

If you have mobile repairing skills, you could open a mobile phone repair business to help people fix a lot of problems frequent in smartphones. Some phones require glass repair, while some need to fix battery problems. You should cater your services to the ever growing smartphone market.

Consultancy for Small Businesses

There are lots of small businesses that lack guidance when it comes to growing their reach to more potential customers. You may therefore want to offer consultancy services to help small businesses for growth and efficiency.

Automotive Repair Services

Ali is an entrepreneur who has established a garage in the Deba city where he and other technicians offer vehicle repair maintenance services to the vehicle owners.

Online Learning Platforms

You could also address the need for remote learning by creating platforms for online education. This business demands low investment but surely requires you to posses coding skills even though you can hire someone who knows how to create a website to serve the online education need for students.

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Eco-friendly Store

Meet Shamira who has opened a store that has been specializing in selling various environment friendly products. Get in touch with her as she will help you learn how she setup an eco-friendly products store in her city and lives a happy life.

Social Media Management

Khaby is someone who serves and assists businesses in managing their digital presence through social media. In order to become like Khaby you should spend time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Financial Advisory Services

There are individuals and businesses that need financial planning and advisory services and you could be like Jamsheed who serves a lot of small businesses with his financial planning services.

Craft and Artisanal Products

You may also want to sell handmade crafts and products and make money while ensuring to promote your local artisans. Ali of Adeeba city is a good example you could refer to for advice.

Tech Support Services

Computer shops, banks, service centres using laptops would need you to cater your technical support services in order to fix a lot of software and hardware problems in their Pcs.

Personal Chef Services

You may also make sure to make money by offering various personalized culinary experiences for events and individuals at the same time.

Ethnic cuisine restaurant

There is also a huge demand for restaurants in Ethiopia that specialises in traditional Ethiopian cuisine. Investment requirements are hefty but returns on your investments are enjoyable.

Renovation Services

This business will get you involved in making money like Usman Ali who offers renovation and construction services in his locality.

Online Grocery Delivery

You can also create online platform which will facilitate convenience of grocery shopping in Ethiopia. Tap this growing opportunity as early as possible before it becomes crowded with multiple businesses.

Interior Design Services

You could also offer interior design services that would help both individuals and businesses enhance their living and working spaces in your city.

Catering Services

You can also make money by providing catering services to serve people who attend various events like weddings, and corporate functions.

Online Marketing Agency

Someone looking for low cost business ideas in Ethiopia should think about launching an online marketing agency that would make sure to help local businesses in boosting a strong online presence while providing them digital marketing services.

Language School

If you are someone who has a good hold on few foreign languages like French, Spanish, English, etc you may establish a school to help aspirants learn these foreign languages.

Recruitment Agency

Businesses are always in need for qualified personnel and you could become like Mehnaz Ali who has launched a recruitment agency to find qualified staff for work.

Courier and Delivery Services

You could also start a delivery services to make sure you help people get their packages and goods from one place to other in Ethiopia.

IT Security Services

Cybersecurity is much needed in these days and there are so many corporations that would allow you earn while offering them cybersecurity solutions.

Fitness app development

One with good coding skills can create an application for fitness and encourage people for healthy living.