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There are many teachers who look for side business ideas as it is becoming hard for them to take care of their families. Their monthly salary is insufficient to afford all of their family and personal expenses amid rising prices of goods and services.

They look for ways to earn extra while keeping their teaching profession. And, it is easily possible as here are the 10 side hustle and business ideas to help them augment their monthly income.

Book writer

Teachers are in a better position to write books as they are knowledge givers and have good writing skills. They are very much able to write different books for different purposes. They can write instructive books to impart study guidance to students. They can also write story books to provide pleasure and entertainment.

Account service

If numbers matter more than words to you, you may develop a great business preparing taxes or maintaining the books for companies and individuals.

Small businesses rely heavily on independent and freelance accountants, and for those with proficiency with numbers, bookkeeping may constitute one of the great new ideas for a side business.

Companies and individuals can scan and email or direct mail receipts, invoices, and more to a competent accountant, and many will pay a substantial fee for ongoing or even intermittent bookkeeping.

Anyone choosing this avenue should be aware that the months leading up to April’s tax due date will be incredibly busy.

Work at home tutor

Many tutoring companies are looking for people with college degrees who aced their own standardized tests and are willing to help others achieve higher test scores.

Often these jobs require a bit of training with test guides and individual tutoring techniques, but after that, many companies will allow tutors to set their own hours, work out of their homes, or choose to visit students’ homes.

Still, other companies looking to hire tutors to work as classroom instructors in pre-arranged online classes. In these cases, tutors are expected to answer student questions and clarify difficult problems through email.

Home childcare

Anyone who has children at home or just loves working with kids might consider starting an at-home childcare business.

Though most states require that childcare providers obtain licenses or permits, anyone equipped with the patience and the know-how can begin a baby-sitting business in the comfort of their own home.

Some small businesses may even be willing to draw up a contract with a reliable childcare provider to provide services for their office complex.

Ask around with neighbors and nearby businesses to build a reliable clientele, and be sure to exercise patience.


Teachers can sell books to some extra money. A variety of books teachers can sell include study books, fictional books, comic books, etc.

Your target customers could either be a specific group of people or general public. You also need to consider a compatible location for your bookstore – college, university, schools, public library, etc.

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