50 Best Small Business ideas for Beginners in 2019

Unlike folks with experience, it is certainly a tussled task (both mentally and physically) for beginners to strike out on their own, after all, starting a business is not a cake walk game that anyone could play off. It requires hard-working attitude, experience, patience etc like traits and we know the fact that a beginner mostly tends to lack them.

However, if you have the enthusiasm to uncover and cash in on your abilities, you are most likely going to be among 2 out of those ten entrepreneurs who according to Bloomberg succeed within the first 18 months.

Here’s a great list of 50 top and in-demand small business opportunities i believe can fit the pursuits of any beginner who mulls over starting a business next year, which is just 2 and a half months away:

1. Artist

Becoming an artist is a fantastic career choice provided you are naturally inclined towards painting, drawing etc. Don’t worry if you have no natural talent and don’t even pay your eardrums to someone who says artists are born not created as you can learn it by enrolling yourself in a school, however, it definitely demands strenuous efforts.

2. Affiliate Marketer

Probably the most popular method many bloggers use to monetise their blogs. Therefore, just like these folks, you also could earn more provided you own a blog that attracts decent number of visitors.

3. Antique Restoration

If you posses work of art backed by some experience to restore antique to a fresh like condition, then consider to offer antique restoration services to the people living around.

4. Accountant

If you are really good at maths, then becoming an accountant is a great choice, after all, accountants are always needed and demand for good one’s never dies up. It is the best, in fact the most stable career you could choose.

5. Blogger

If you’re too much depressed, then blogging is a wonderful outlet to relieve stress from your head. In fact the best way nowadays to showcase your writing skills on web. However, you require a laptop and an internet connection at minimum to build your online portfolio.

6. Baker

Bakers especially the speciality ones are in high demand these days and off course why shouldn’t they be when every one loves to eat bakeries.

7. Childcare

It’s totally no surprise that hiring a childcare is a need for many busy parents today. Therefore, if you don’t take world seriously like the kids do, then you can consider delivering childcare services to busy families around.

8. Caterer

If you are one who enjoys cooking food at home, then you have great possibility of getting hired as a caterer on dinner parties, weddings, birthday parties and even corporate celebrations.

9. Car Wash

Starting a car wash business may also be the best way that could bring much personal as well as financial satisfaction to a beginner.

10. Dog Walker

If you love spending time with dogs and you are really interested in turning this hobby into money, then dog walking may just be the business for you.

11. Dance Teacher

If you are popularly known as great dancer, then you are most likely to achieve success in local dance schools and even at your own home by offering dance classes to aspirants especially the young ones.

12. Event Planner

Someone with great organisational and people management skills has naturally the advantage in becoming an event planner. You could offer event planning services to social events, corporate celebrations, weddings etc that happen to occur every day.

13. Furniture Maker

If your hands are good at producing technical drawings, then becoming a furniture maker is really worth to it. As a furniture maker, you are expected to make chairs, tables, display cabinets etc like things.

14. Graphic Designer 

Aspiring individuals who’ve earned a degree or a diploma certificate in graphic design might consider offering graphic design services online.

15. E-book Writer 

If you are an inspired author facing reluctant print publishers, publishing e-books is a hassle-free way to reach your avid readers.

16. House Cleaner

If you don’t mind your hands getting dirty, then put your mindset into work by offering house cleaning services to people living around you.

17. Home Painter

Like an artist, if you too are inclined towards painting, you could earn a good living by providing painting services to local homes and even to corporate establishments that operate around.

18. Music Teacher

Those beginners who are more musically inclined are undoubtedly in a great position to instruct music classes to those who’re curious to become musicians.

19. Interior Designer 

It is fairly possible for you to succeed in interior designing business provided you have the talent and interest in the trade.

20. Pool Cleaner

Or, if you are an outdoor-minded person, then offering pool cleaning services is one of the best choices you could plan to embrace in your locality.

21. E-commerce Solutions 

Help local businesses such as hotels, retailers, real estate etc to reach their customers through online by delivering e-commerce solutions to them.

22. E-Learning Solutions

Deliver e-learning solutions to help local schools, colleges and even individual students achieve more efficiency and success in their education.

23. IT Hardware Service

Provide hardware support services to local banks, governments departments, educational institutes and even to local public who own computers.

24. Make Mobile Apps

Launching a mobile application making business is undoubtedly a great pick if you are a developer or a programmer.

25. Software Development

If you are a software developer, then deliver well designed software development solutions such as ERP, CRM, accounting, service desk management to your local business organisations.

26. Web Designer 

Though, to become a professional web designer demands you to work hard, but luckily you aren’t required to have a special certificate. You can easily enrol for an online course and acquire skills with an ease.

27. General Contractor 

Become a general contractor to provide all necessary materials such as labour, equipment and other support services for construction works.

28. Lawn Care Services

Work as a lawn care professional to help local households avoid patches and diseases their lawns may fall prey to.

29. Freelancer Writer 

If you love to write creatively, then become a freelance writer and receive thousands of offers from various online portals.

30. Agriculture Consultant 

Becoming an agricultural consultant to offer advise to land owners, farmers etc is a fitting choice for someone with agricultural background.

31. Etsy Seller

Signup as a seller on Etsy to list up and sell your homemade products to global customers.

32. Social media manager 

Manage social media accounts of a business if you are deeply informative about social media platforms.

33. Social media influencer 

If you’ve built a large pool of audience on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest like social media sites, you could earn income by promoting brands.

34. Food Truck 

Rent a truck or a van to prepare and serve affordable or cheap eats to people at event places.

35. Tech support service

If you are a tech-savvy person, offer online or telephonic assistance to help individuals in resolving their electronic device’s technical problems.

36. Makeup artist 

Help models, actors etc in creating the looks they are demanded to appear within TV serials, movies etc

37. Photographer

While it is upsetting that smartphones have posed a serious threat on the photography profession but fortunately there are few areas(quality being one of them) where people like you and me can’t be as good as professional photographers. So you could offer photography services to clients and events if you have good camera skills.

38. Tshirt Designer 

If you got flair for designing, you can create own custom t-shirts designs for bands, businesses, basketball teams etc.

39. Coffee cart stand 

A coffee cart stand is probably one of the best options where you can splurge your money if you want to get mobile.

40. Personal training

Personal trainers as a result of increasing interest especially by obese population in fitness are in greater demand than ever.

41. Public speaker 

Public speaking may be line of career if you have art of delivering speech in a pleasant way in front of large gatherings.

42. Yoga teacher

Get your face out as a yoga teacher to let calm feeling accompany your community people whole day.

43. Private tutor

You may provide services as a private tutor to foster educational boost in academically weaker children.

44. Podcast producer

Producing podcasts about anything that has listeners is an amazing way to monetise your good voice.

45. YouTube Star

If you have a special quality which you believe will make you achieve fame through videos, then leveraging YouTube is definitely an option for you.

46. Resume writer

Help candidates in pitching and positioning their selves in an impressive way so that they can land on their dream jobs.

47. Alteration services

Someone with sewing skills is in full advantage of offering clothing alteration services.

48. Language Translator

One with ability of speaking several languages can deliver interpreting services to those who are in dire need of understanding conversions they are alien of.

49. Tourist guide

Lead tourists towards places they are interested to visit as a tourist guide.

50. Content editor 

Work as a content editor to fine-tune content to enhance its value before it is finally published.

Satyabrata Dash

About Author:

Satyabrata Dash, a Bhubaneswar, Odisha based professional who apart from working with Hinduja Globals, loves to write on startups, work issues and not to mention entrepreneurship.